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Removable Dentures

Complete Denture Prosthodontics: Modern Approaches to Old Concerns
Joseph J. Massad, DDS; David R. Cagna, DMD, MS; William A. Lobel, DMD; Joseph P. Thornton, DDS
Contemporary complete denture therapy is undoubtedly steeped in a rich tradition of innovative techniques, clever processes, unique materials, and clinical precision. Though little has changed in principle over the years, modern complete denture wearers can expect to benefit from subtle, but significant, modifications of classic therapeutic philosophies.

Dr. Joseph Massad has invented an impression tray and technique which facilitates capturing all the detail needed to create a perfectly fitting full set of dentures.

We have incorporated this technique into our practice with phenomenal results—both aesthetically and functionally. Say goodbye to ill-fitting dentures and “fake looking” smiles.

Call today to schedule an evaluation appointment for beautiful new dentures.

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